iDigress with Troy Sandidge

Enter the mind of the Original Strategy Hacker™, Troy Sandidge. Troy is a Growth Marketing Strategist with over 10 years of experience empowering brands to achieve next-level growth, increase brand authority, maximize revenue, elevate marketing results, and develop strong communities through innovative growth strategies, digital systems, and marketing solutions. Troy is the Founder & CEO of Strategy Hackers, the leading provider of on-demand strategy solutions. His on-demand strategies have generated over $100 million for his clients worldwide including Entrepreneurs, Startups, SMBs, Enterprise brands, and Fortune 100s & C-Suite.​

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Brands hire Troy because he is a strategic mastermind at igniting business momentum, generating rapid progress mechanisms to accelerate market distribution, eliminating complex obstacles through innovation, and creating simplistic pathways to reach desired business goals and marketing ROI. ​

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On this podcast, Troy breaks down Marketing Solutions, Digital Systems, Growth Strategies, Social Media, Business Frameworks, and more while providing insights, mindset shifts, motivation, and actionable takeaways entrepreneurs, startups, small-medium businesses, and national brands can use to accelerate their business growth and maintain positive momentum!​

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Troy provides a culturally diverse and refreshing approach to the list of marketing and business-themed podcasts out there with his high-energy and unique perspective infusing each episode with all his infectious passion and dynamic well-rounded philosophy. All episodes are under 30-minutes to give an optimized listening experience to maximize value while wasting no time to empower listers to execute more.​

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Discover how Troy can empower your business to achieve the business results you are looking for at Follow Troy on all social media platforms: @FindTroy. Visit or for more resources.